Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awesome Day!

Today was an awesome day! I was able to hold my Maddi! When I came in this morning she had her chest tube out. I would have just been excited with that news! But it just got better! They took her arterial line out of her leg so I was able to hold her!! They also started her feeds. We did attempt to take her off the oxygen and she did okay for about an hour but then she got on a coughing spell and couldn’t stop so they put her back on.

They are now telling me that she does in fact have pneumonia in the right lung. So really until she gets over that she’s not going to feel very good. They do have her on antibiotics so hopefully that will continue to work over the next few days. So far things are looking up! The antibiotics she has to be on can only be given though IV drip and they want her on them for 14 days. So far we are at day 5 so we will have 9 days of a stay for sure. Hopefully she’ll get to feeling better this week and we might can come home next week. Hopefully! Never know with Miss Maddi!

Just wanted to pass on the awesome news for the day!

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