Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Back To Her Old Self!

Well the weekend is nearing an end and Maddison has been doing well. She was given blood products yesterday and she sprang up and was like her old… well maybe 80% of her old self! She started talking right away and wanted to get out of bed and play. She was able to hold her body up by herself where just hours before she couldn’t hold her head up! They told us that she was anemic and it’s amazing how big of a difference the blood made!

She is doing well today. She slept most of the morning. But she was up until midnight last night. Mike & I werent’ able to leave her until she went to sleep! So she slept in. She’s been awake and playing since around 3pm today and we are hoping to keep her up until 8-9 so we can actually get to bed at a decient time this evening! Mike is driving back to Lakeland so he can’t be driving back that late! She’s been rubbing her eyes the past half hour so we’ll see if she can make it another 2 hours… I’m guessing not! Haha…

We were told today that they’d like to give her antibiotics until Thursday of this week and if she is off the oxygen and doing well we could possibly go home on Friday! This is the first we’ve heard of going home at all so we were excited!! She’s had a few low grade fevers today but overall it’s been a good day.

They did get a little more aggressive with her pneumonia. They put this vest around her chest and it shakes her for 20 minutes! It actually looks like it would be that comfortable but so far she’s been doing okay with it! They also changed one of her inhalants to a stronger med so we are hoping that will help that lung as well.
We’ll keep ya posted on how the weeks progresses! I hope to be going home this coming weekend… wouldn’t that be WONDERFUL!

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