Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starting Feeds

Maddison is having a good day. She has managed to stay of the ventilator and is doing well. She still has some labored breathing from time-to-time but overall she’s holding her own. They have put her on c-pap which is kinda like a high powered jet of air to help pop open her lungs. They are hoping if she gets maximum use of her lungs she’ll take deeper breaths and not have to work so hard.

We were just told moments ago that they are going to start feeds this evening. They are going to start with some pedilite to see how she handles that. Then tomorrow consider mixing some formula in. Her chest tube is FINALLY slowing down. They told us if it continues to drain slowly they will most likely take that out tomorrow! Then I can finally but some clothes on her!

She has had a wonderful nurse today, one of my favorites, TJ who has been taking very good care of her. She even made her bed all pretty and did her hair! That photo is attached. Little by little she is getting stronger. She hasn’t said any words to us yet but she will just stare us down making sure we aren’t going anywhere!

Hopefully I’ll have good news to report on feeding tomorrow!!


  1. Such a sweet thing! She looks good... considering:0) Give her a couple of days & she'll be bouncing around like her old self! Praying she continues to do well! Give her hugs for us!

  2. Awww...thanks! Hope Maddi is having a good day and the feeds are going well!! T.J.