Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maddi's off the vent

Maddison got off the vent yesterday! She did well but it is very difficult to watch her come off. They really have to have her awake to take it out so she gets all red in the face. They also put in another IV since one went bad and took out two stitches, all within 30 minutes. I was able to hold her for quite some time yesterday so that was nice!

She is on quite a bit of oxygen with the nasal cannula but we hope to wean that down some today. Overall her stats look good, even better than last time. She’s resting now so I was able to do a quick update. We’ll see what the plan is today. Hopefully we’ll go down on the oxygen and possibly start feeds.

I’ve attached a photo, this was from yesterday.

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  1. She looks great! So glad she's off the vent. Now you all can focus on getting her home!