Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got a bath today!

Maddi had a steady day. Nothing all that new. They are going to bring in a doctor tomorrow from infectious disease to see what their opinion is on why she is spiking high temps. She’s run a low to mid-grade fever for about 5-6 days now. They have her on two different kinds of antibiotics but so far they’ve not helped. They told me that they should be helping at this point. They did switch one to another med today and have her getting Tylenol every 4 hours. She only got one low grade fever this morning right when I came in. The rest of the day she was good.

She seemed much more comfortable today. She is still very weak but she didn’t act like she felt as bad as yesterday. They are going to be going up on her feeds tomorrow. She’s only getting 5cc per hour at this point and her goal is 30cc per hour. Hopefully despite her being “sick” with the pneumonia she will keep it down. Typically when she gets sick at home she doesn’t do all that well but we’ll see. Only time will tell. I think if she gets more food in her belly she’ll gain some strength. She can hardly hold her head up at this point.

She did get a sponge bath today! Been 8 days since she had one so she was way past due! Haha… she smelled like a foot. She was so happy to be nice and clean in her new sheets. She rolled over and went to sleep! Got a photo from today attached. Every day she gets better, and one day closer to coming home!


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