Friday, March 11, 2011

Maddi is not doing so good today...

Well for the past few days Maddi hasn't been doing great, she has been sleeping all day and had labored breathing. They did a CT scan and found that she had another aneurysm on her heart, this time on the left side. From what we were told it was caused by how the sutures healed after the surgery on Feb, 21st. So tomorrow morning (3/11/11) at 8:45, they will be taking her into a heart cath to insert a coil into the aneurysm to stop the blood flow and get it to clot in that area. So that it no longer continues to grow. As long as that works then they will not have to open her back up again. But they have also told us that it is a possibility that the cath will not fully repair all of the problem, and that they may have to go back in and do surgery again.

Please keep us in your prayers especially tomorrow. This is a very hard time for us as a family to deal with all of this. But little Maddi has it much harder, with what she has already gone through and what is yet to come. We "know" that God has already made a way for her, even when there seems to be no way. He knew that this was to come and He has already made provision for her. Maddi will be 100% whole again soon, at home playing again with big sister.

Thank you all for all of your continued support and prayers it helps us a lot to know that there are so many people out there praying for our little girl.

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