Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maddi is off the vent!

The vent is OUT!! WHOO… They just took Maddi off the ventilator. So far she is doing well. She is breathing kinda fast but otherwise her stats are good. We have our fingers crossed that she will do well. She still has one of the chest tubes still in. Unfortunately it is still draining quite a bit.

They are letting her rest for the rest of the evening. She is on a nasal cannula at 100% oxygen but they are talking about coming down on that tomorrow so long as she has a good night. She got really worn out just by taking the tube out so she is resting now.

Not a long update but a very exciting update! We are moving in the right direction! Hopefully if she wakes up a little more I might get to hold her in the next day or so!


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