Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keeps getting better!

Maddison is having another good day. She’s finally gotten some of the fluid off of her so she’s not quite as puffy today. They are planning to take 2 out of the 3 chest tubes out today! We are glad about that. They are also weaning her oxygen levels on the ventilator and are in hopes of getting that off of her within another day or two!

She’s been very quiet today, only a few times has she acted like she hasn’t felt good or something has been bothering her. They did tell me that she spiked a temp of 103.4 in the middle of the night and she still feels a tad warm today. They are hoping there isn’t any infection setting in so they’ve done cultures to rule that out or are able to find what they need to treat. Just as a preventative they have gone ahead and put her on antibiotics.

The photo below is Maddi with some of her new “friends”! Mike & I got both girls (Maddi & Mackenzie) matching pink hippos so that Kenzie could know that she can hug the pink hippo whenever she wants to think of Maddi. And she also got a cute little Lamb Chop doll from LAR… very thoughtful! (LAR is Lakeland Association of Realtors, a company my mom works for)

We’ve also received some donations from friends and family. Please know that we are SO grateful for that extra help. It truly is a blessing to know how thoughtful everyone can be in a time of need , we so appreciate it!

I’m sure I’ll have a new update to blog tomorrow! But so far so good!!

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