Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Surgeon Appointment

Today was the appointment with Maddi's sergeon that did her intestinal surgery. It was a long hour drive to Orlando to go to a 30 minute appointment where he said "that looks good", then another hour back. But atleast we know everything is going well with her Nissen surgery scar. So far she is doing really well with that surgery. She still has a bad gag reflex but nothing comes up. We have to use a tube to vent her a lot of the time and she is super gassy. She was kinda like that pre-surgery, now it's worse.

I have one appoitment a week over in Orlando for the next 6 weeks! I tried to get some of them on the same day and this or that doctor is out so it didn't work out. I guess it's better than sitting in the hospital day in and day out but it's still a long drive. Although Maddi did great today. She slept on the way there and on the way home so it worked out.

Well just wanted to post about her appointment today and let all of you know she did well and he said she looked good! Next week we see her peditriction who is going to give her shots :o( poor baby!


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