Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maddi is gaining weight!

Maddison had a doctor’s appointment today with her pediatrician. It was a great appointment! Within 2 weeks Maddi has gained 1 lbs 1 oz! So she is now at 13lbs 1oz!! WHOO… He was very happy with her weight gain and her O2 stat was 91 which was the highest she has ever been at his office. She did have to get 2 shots so she wasn’t happy about that but overall it was a good appointment! Next week we have an appointment with her cardiologist. I am eager to hear what she has to say about her progress. I am very happy with her weight gain and she is doing very well at home!

Maddi got her first EYEBROW haircut! Haha… her eyebrows are forever long and they were actually getting into her eyes so I had to trim them. She got SO upset like I had cut a part of her away… poor thing! She was attached to those bushy eyebrows!! Haha… They are still bushy! She’ll love plucking those when she gets older!! Her head hair is growing like crazy. I’d say it’s about an inch long if you pull it out. She’ll surpass Kenzie with her hair at some point!

I will update on how her appointment goes on Monday with her cardiologist. I want to know what she’s thinking about another heart cath. From what we were talking when we left the hospital was an end of November date, hopefully that is still okay. I really want her home through Thanksgiving and I think with her o2 stat today she’ll be happy with that! I’ll keep ya posted!


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