Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maddi is HOME!

Maddi came home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. We are SO glad to be home. She has been doing really well at home with her family. She is loving spending time with big sister, Mackenzie. It's funny how fast we fell back into a routine. It feels like she never left. We are so happy she gets to spend Halloween here with us. I just finished up their outfits last night! I need to get a pre-Halloween photo! They will be SO cute! My little M&M's are together!

We have a lot of doctors appointments within the next couple of weeks. I am going to try to get some of them on the same day. They have like 2 or 3 a week! It's crazy! I hate driving to Orlando especially with Maddi in the car! I hope to get most of them done all in one day! We saw her doctor here in Lakeland on Friday. She had to get two shots :o( and I had to get the flu shot too :o( Ouch! But the doctor said that was the best way to prevent her from getting sick! So I'll take a little poke for Miss Maddi.

I updated a new video on her page here. She was just talking away and had hiccups at the same time! haha.. it's was funny! She even talks in her sleep at night... It is SUPER hard to sleep at night when she is talking. It takes me a few minutes to figure out if she is upset or just talking. Most times it's her talking! Guess she gets that from me :o)

I hope to get the girls to the pumpkin patch this week to take photos. Kenzie's school sets up a huge pumpkin patch each year and we've gotten photos of her every year, now it's time to get photos of both girls! SO excited! I will make sure to post one when I get them done!!

Thanks for keeping up with Maddi here on her blog. I enjoy posting updates about her and hearing your comments about her! Keep the prayers commin', can't ever have enough prayers!


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