Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maddi's Upper GI

So 6am came this morning and we were up and getting ready. I can’t remember the last time I got up that early. :o) Anyways, my mom came with me to Orlando, they took her in around 9:45am for the test. They said (once again) that the Nissen was still the way it was supposed to be, she did retch and gag although she didn’t throw up and they said even when she did that they didn’t see a problem and there was nothing surgical they could do. They even waited about 10 minutes after giving her the dye and came back to see how quickly she emptied and they couldn’t even get 5cc (out of 60cc) back out of her.

So this was a dead end. They sent us home which was a load off but now we are back to the beginning of what to do to keep weight on her. So my thinking way, if they gave her 60cc of barium within 2 minutes maybe I can give her 60cc of formula that fast and see what happens. I’ve given it to her super s-l-o-w and then kinda medium but never super fast. I mean she throws up no matter what right?!? So today after getting home we’ve given her 4 bolus so far of 60cc at a time ever other hour. She threw up on the first two, but no more than usual, and then she hasn’t thrown up at all these past 2 times.

I don’t think this will be the solution to her not throwing up at all because she just does that but maybe if I can get it in her faster it will empty faster, and if nothing else it doesn’t seem to do anything different if she gets it fast or slow, so if we aren’t hooked up to a feeding pump all day that’s a plus right there! I can just control when she pukes instead of it being hit or miss!

So for now they told us to go home, do what we’ve been doing and wait until her next GI visit which isn’t until April 14th. The x-ray tech said if her GI doc wanted to speak with me prior to the visit he would call. So I guess we’ve kept her home for now and we’ll just try different ways of feeding her. We need to pray for FAT!! Haha… we need to pack some fat on this girl! I’ll keep ya posted on how the bolus feeds are going and what her next visits bring. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for her visit today!


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